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What is Dowsing?
by Raymon Grace

Dowsing is generally understood to be a method of finding water with a forked stick. Well, that is true, but quite a limited definition.

Dowsing is a means of getting information with the use of a physical instrument. Dowsers use tools or instruments such as pendulums, rods, bobbers and even forked sticks.

The movement of the instrument gives information to the person using it. We can ask a question and get a "yes" or "no" answer. If we use a numbered chart, we can get answers with a numeric value.

For example if we ask if a specified food is good for us, we will get a "yes or "no". If we asked what the effect of the food is on our body and use a number chart, we can not only determine if it is good or bad for us, but to what degree.

I learned a lot from Walt Woods and recommend his books "Letter to Robin*", and "Learning to Dowse" by Walt Woods, which has been printed in 5 languages. It will get you started and you will need to practice to become more proficient. Once you become proficient with dowsing and have a good understanding of how to ask questions properly, life will never be the same.


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