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What is Dowsing?
by Pauline Roberts

Quite simply, dowsing is a way of accessing ones intuition or the global consciousness, however you wish to see it, in order to receive an answer to a clearly defined question. It is best known as a method of finding water, when it is often called water divining or water witching, but can be applied to any situation when there is a genuine need to know a particular answer. For example, we are talking about a genuine need to find water, the right second hand car to buy, the location of a lost pet, the selection of a remedy to heal ourselves, the detection of energy formations within a sacred site, the list of dowsing applications is extensive.

The applications to which dowsing can be put are limited only by the imagination of the dowser. Most dowsers also ensure that they are on the right ethical track by asking permission of their higher self to make sure the dowsing task at hand is something they should get involved in, and that they have the ability to dowse at that time. If a dowser gets a "no", they respect the process and don’t proceed. Reasons for this result may include tiredness, distraction or incorrect timing.

Most dowsers also use a ‘read out device’ which is a method of amplifying the body's intrinsic response to the question asked. Dowsers use devices like V rods, L rods, bobbers and pendulums and may also employ maps, charts and other links [pictures here?] to gain specific or calibrated information on the target of the dowsing session, just like a surveyor might. Dowsing devices don’t need to be made of anything special and have no power in their own right, they are just tools, although it makes sense to use one with which you are comfortable.

A growing number of dowsers are going ‘deviceless’ i.e. dowsing by visualising a pendulum in their head; just ‘gnowing’ the answer or ‘feeling’ the answer within their body by, for example, the flicker of an eyelid or a sensation on their skin which has been calibrated to a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ response. Deviceless dowsing still requires detached concentration, a need-to-know and the asking of careful, unambiguous questions - there's no getting around these important aspects. Practice, as in all things, makes perfect.

But how does it work? Experiments carried out by the American Society of Dowsers show that dowsing involves all the main brain wave frequencies at high power and coherence levels, a most unusual phenomenon suggesting that the brain is responding actively to the intuitive exploration being performed by the dowser.

Experience has taught us that just about anyone can dowse although some people prefer to block their ability. For some, dowsing steps outside the confines they have constructed for themselves regarding how their world works, and thus it can be an unsettling experience and their responses become limited. Having said this, dowsers come from all walks of life, all just have a common interest in accessing their intuition more regularly.

Dowsing is not aligned to any religion, creed or faith except perhaps the faith and belief in our own selves and our abilities. It does not seek to impress or to work for power, it seeks only the truth at the appropriate moment and enables us to tap into an ability we all have naturally but mostly have simply forgotten. It is a serious endeavour which also happens to be fun!

Energy Management through dowsing
Energy management takes dowsing to the next stage. Quite simply, energy management uses the principles of dowsing to ascertain what needs to be done and then uses focused intent to alter the energy of a person, place or situation in the appropriate way.

Since everything that exists has a frequency, disharmonious relationships and situations can also be adjusted from what you don’t want, to what you do, using the same application of focused intent. A device such as a pendulum or bobber is often used to help move the energy and also works as a timer to show when the job is done.

Sometimes the process will need to be repeated and persistence is a factor in all energy management to encourage permanent change. Raymon likes to describe this as similar to taking a bath, you can’t usually do it only once and forget about it!



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