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My name is Faye Henry and I have been a dowser since 2003. Having traveled around the US and Canada with Raymon Grace, I have met and visited with many of top dowsers from around the world. I learned a great deal from Raymon and appreciate what he has done to promote dowsing. And I hope that I shared some things with him from my experiences in life that were valuable to him.

Raymon is an execellant instructor and has done a tremendous job of getting people to realize that the power of the mind is much greater than most utilize and that harnessing the power of the concious mind improves life a great deal.

I have found that once you learn to control your mind, it is time to get out of it and work with heart and other energies for the utlimate experience. So I do classes and retreats to help move you to that next level.

Working on a mind level requires a lot of work. When you learn to be the LOVE that you already are, you find life can be effortless and full of fun and joy.

I have been playing gongs and speaking at dowsing conferences for at least 12 years. Being presenter at the National, SW and WC Conference. I believe dowsing helps to empower a person and give them an advantage in life. So I encourage you to learn to dowse. I sometimes offer a beginning dowser class so if you are interested, please get in touch with me via email at

Happy dowsing...remember everything is vibrations so with dowsing you are either measuring a vibration, or creating one. So keep those good vibrations going!