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What is Dowsing?
by Faye Henry


Dowsing is a way to connect with our intuition and expand what we know in our concious mind. What is called my dowsing system by many is your subconcious mind. Because of what we were given in our DNA by our parents, and the experiences each of us have had in our lives we often are not aware of or connected with what we know in our subconcious mind. Dowsing is a way of connecting with that and developing your trust in your intuition and knowing.

Because to dowse successfully you must be able to focus your mind and stop the monkey chatter, it is a great training too stop the chatter and center into your being.

Dowsing classes or mindful dowsing practice also help you to hone your questions so that you are supporting yourself with your questions and thoughts. Your dowsing answers are only as good as your dowsing questions.

We each have an energy field that few can actually see surrounding the physical body. This energy field is key to our health, emotions, and spiritual health. You can check on this energy field or aura using dowsing to find out how it is doing in any given moment. Then you can adjust the energy field with your intent and your dowsing instrument will tell you when the transformaion is complete. It is your intent and attention that makes the transformation. And dowing is a wonderul tool that tells you if it changed and assist you in seeing the change as it happens.

Dowsing in more a spritiual endevor than a religious one, and your faith is a asset to your dowsing, regardless of what you believe.

I have been very lucky to know and call friends many dowsing teachers... Raymon Grace, Walt Woods, Harold & Gladys McCoy, Joey Korn, Susan Collins, Karen Tippit, Carolyn and Ed Stillman....and so many more. I have learned a lot from all of them and am very grateful that our pahts have crossed in the dowsing community. They have taught me, inspired me and I hope I can add to that and help pass it along to others.

This has led me to develop a course I call The Art of Being with Gongs which I have been teaching at conferences and classes since 2014. I use the gongs as a dowsing tool to find and transform the energy field around your body and people have amaing results. According to Raymons dowsing at the National Dowsing Convention in Vermont in 2014, after about 2 minutes of standing in front of 2 gongs as I played them, two peoples enegy fields expanded more than 75 feet. That was to the wall and it was raining so we did not go outside to measure the exact distance. Thus proving in my mind that we can use the gongs as a dowing tool just as we use a pendulum, bobber or L rods. And it was not that more peoples did not, it was that he only dowsed the energy field of two of the participants.


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