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     Seraphim Classic Angels

PTANGELS.COM welcomes you. On this site, you can view, order, and obtain information about the Seraphim Classics  Collection of Angels, the most collected angels on earth.  

We have taken every precaution to ensure security of your orders. Orders  are placed  using the PayPal Network so you can be assured of compatibility, reliability and security. Shop with confidence, knowing that your name and information are only stored on a secure site, and will not be given or sold to anyone. 
Jackson Brothers Hardware was an authorized Golden Wings Dealer for the 
Seraphim Classics Collection of Angels, 
by Roman, Inc. - The perfect gift for any occasion!

              Golden Wings Exclusive Dealer Logo 

We have enjoyed getting to know all our angel collectors and friends over the past years. Thank you for your business and for your friendships. I have made a decision to no longer carry the Seraphim Collection due to decisions by Roman and their marketing policies. I do not feel the collection is a valuable investment any longer. You can purchase these beautiful angels on Ebay, or sometimes in your local discount stores much cheaper than I can purchase them from Roman. I signed an agreement with Roman that I would only sell them at full Retail price as set by Roman. I can no longer do that and feel I am providing you with a service and a product that is worth what you pay for it. So I will not be ordering any of the new items, and once the ones we have in stock are gone, will not reorder any of the older ones either. If you wish to special order an item, I will recommed someone who can do this for you if you will email me.

I will be moving on to better things and offer you an opportunity to look at a new "angel" I have discovered. It offers you an enhanced Bio Energy Field to surround yourself with. With the electronic world we live in today, our bodies are stressed by our enviroment with computers, cell phones, and electrical devices. This "guardian angel" is called the QLink. It is a unique and significant breakthrough in improving focus, balance, and response to stress.

The QLink Pendant does 3 important things
1. It strengthens your resilience and resistance to the effects of stress.
2 .It increases your energy and enhances your mental performance, especially under pressure.
3. It strengthens your capacity to function in EMF saturated environments. (EMF is the electromagnetic field generated by electronic devices and wireless communications).

Click here to learn more about this wonderful product.
It is the perfect gift for one you love.

New for 2008 is a crystal bowl cd titled Being With Bowls. Never heard of playing crystal bowls? It is a great way to relax and allow your body to rejuvenate itself. Interesting? Read more about it, order cd and see photos here.


  We hope you will enjoy your visit.   


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