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Qlink® What is it?
QLink is a product line from Clarus Products that strengthens your resilience and resistance to the effects of stress. QLink also boost your capacity to function at optimal energy levels within EMF saturated environments (electromagnetic fields). They are the premier products for strengthening you against direct and ambient sources of EMF.

How is a QLink going to help me?
Scientific studies and QLink users report increased energy and enhanced mental performance as two important benefits. QLinks can increase your physical stamina, increase your ability to concentrate, and enhance your personal effectiveness. Additionally, QLinks can strengthen you in the presence of a wide variety of environmental stressors, especially EMF from computers, cell phones and all other sources.

Picture This! dba is an authorized Qlink Distributor. Qlink is a registered trade mark of Clarus Products International, the developer and manufacturer of Qlink Products.