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Nina, Limited Edition Angel

About Roman, Inc.

Among the largest privately owned and operated firms in the industry, Roman, Inc. is a leading producer and exclusive distributor of more than 15,000 giftware items. A unique blend of creativity, marketing and experience, Roman was founded 35 years ago by its President and Owner Ronald T. Jedlinski. Roman, based in Roselle, Ill., is best known for its award-winning Seraphim Classics
® Collection and the world-renowned Fontanini® Heirloom Nativities. In addition, Roman offers nearly everything imaginable in Christmas decorations and a wide range of inspirational, special occasion and seasonal giftware.

History: The story of Roman, Inc. is the story of Ron Jedlinski. His current enterprise began in 1963 with $500 and an old station wagon full of inspirational products. With a family background in retailing -- his father operated Roman's Art and Gift Shop -- it was nearly inevitable that Jedlinski would enter the giftware field. With an office behind his father's store, Jedlinski christened his company Roman's Religious Goods in honor of his father who had given his blessing to the venture. He quickly carved his niche in the religious articles and giftware marketplace, expanding into Christmas, wedding, anniversary, baby, christening and retirement giftware and accessories.

As his organization grew, the company evolved into Roman Religious Goods, Inc., followed by the current Roman, Inc. The double "R" in the firm's logo remains as a reminder of those early days.

Corporate Facilities: With 16 retail showrooms throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, and a national dedicated sales force, Roman is a shining example of the vitality of the American dream. The burgeoning business outgrew its facilities three times before establishing its current headquarters in Roselle, Ill. The 165,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility with a 15,000 square-foot showroom was constructed in 1987 to meet the growing company's immediate and future needs for showroom, administrative and warehouse space. However in less than a decade, an ever increasing, unprecedented demand for Roman products found the privately held company with sufficient warehouse space. In the Spring of 1998, Roman began shipping from its 400,000 square-foot National Distribution Center in Addison, Ill.

Roman Garners Prestigious Awards: Well respected as an innovative leader in the giftware industry, Roman, Inc. has garnered numerous prestigious awards. CEO/Owner Ronald Jedlinski was honored with the 1996 "DuPage Businessperson of the Year" Award and the 1995 International Collectible Exposition Achievement Award. In 1993, Jedlinski was inducted into the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame honoring the brightest and best entrepreneurs in the Chicago area. Following finalist awards in '90 and '91 in the Ernst & Young "Entrepreneur of the Year" for the Illinois and Northwest Indiana area.

The National Association of Limited Edition Dealers (NALED) has honored Jedlinski along with various collectible works by leading American and European artists on the Roman roster. Roman's president received NALED's highest honor, the Lee Benson Award, in 1987. This distinction recognizes Jedlinski's outstanding commitment, leadership and dedication to the collectible industry.

Roman, Inc. continues to meet and exceed customer requirements in a highly competitive marketplace. High in quality and unique in design, Roman offerings have enchanted customers with a wide variety of giftware and award-winning collectibles.

About Seraphim Classics®

For more than three decades, Roman, Inc., has been a recognized leader in inspirational gifts and collectibles. Centering its focus on this market made Roman a company ahead of its time. Founder and CEO Ron Jedlinsiki made his company renowned for its range of angels, the most angels this side of Heaven.

It was in the early 1990's that Jedlinski moved to form Seraphim Studios, a creative umbrella of world-famous artists and sculptors. Their singular assignment was to research and develop a collection of beautiful angels that would be modern interpretations of the world's most beautiful angels. The result was introduced to the world in 1994: The Seraphim Classics
® Collection.

Based on the greatest artistic achievements of the Renaissance Masters, the Collection immediately won the enthusiastic acceptance of both retailers and consumers. Within a single year, it was apparent that the Seraphim Classic
® Collection was destined to be a collectible. Today, angels from this collection are one of the top collectable items in the US.

Recognition from the National Association of Limited Edition Dealers (NALED) and Collector Editions Awards of Excellence confirmed collector enthusiasm. ( See list of award below) Authorized Dealers find it impossible to keep up with demand for the highly detailed, flowing sculptures with their pale pastel wings.

Each Seraphim Classics
® angel is majestically sculpted by one of the world's greatest artisans. This Master sculptor has the gift of instilling a sense of motion into every angel, from the rich folds of flowing fabric to the intricate detail of each feather in the sheltering wings. Cast in resin fortified with both porcelain and marble, each figurine is meticulously hand-painted using a special pastel palette, then given a final finish that creates the translucence of every Seraphim Classics® angel.


Naturally, with a collection like this, awards have been won, specifically:

Vanessa - Heavenly Maiden
1997 Figurine of the Year, NALED

Ariel - Heaven's Shining Star
1997 Award of Excellence, Figurines $50-$100, Collector Editions

Harmony - Love's Guardian
1997 Award of Excellence, Figurines $50-$100, Collector Editions

Emily - Heaven's Treasure
1997 Award of Excellence, Ornaments, Collector Editions

Alyssa - Nature's Angel
1996 Figurine of the Year, NALED
Vanessa - Heavenly Maiden
1996 Figurine of the Year, NALED

Flora - Flower of Heaven
1996 Award of Excellence for Plates $50 and over, Collector Editions

Francesca - Loving Guardian
1995 Musical of the Year, NALED

Helena - Heaven's Herald
1995 Award of Excellence for figurines under $50, Collector Editions

Seraphina - Heaven's Helper
1995 Award of Excellence for figurines under $50, Collector Editions

Rosalyn - Rarest of Heaven
1994 Award of Excellence for plates $50 and over, Collector Editions

The Collection is supported by an extensive special event program, launched in 1996. Philanthropic programs have also been undertaken, including those benefiting the Sunshine Foundation, an organization that grants wishes to critically and terminally ill children and their families. The Sunshine Foundation®

About the Sculptor of Seraphim Classics® Collection Figurines

Master Sculptor Gaylord Ho has been an integral member of the Seraphim Classics creative team since the Collection's debut in 1994. In addition to possessing an extraordinary artistic gift, Ho shares with Roman the unwavering commitment to the creation of angels whose ethereal beauty touches the furthest reaches of the imagination. He instills a sense of motion into every angel, creating a vivid impression of heavenly breezes that gently sweep the angel's luxurious hair and robes. 

Gaylord Ho was born April 11, 1950 in Hsin-Wu, Taiwan. After completing his basic education, Ho attended the National Taiwan Academy of Arts where he ranked first in his class, won numerous awards and received national attention for his work. Upon graduation in 1972, Ho began fulfilling his military duties to Taiwan, but his university work continued to earn acclaim. During this period, one of his sculptures won the National Sculpture Exhibition and received international praise. 

After military service, Ho studied under master sculptors in Japan where he further developed his sculpting skills and knowledge of production techniques. After that, he established Nomiso Porcelain Design Center, which became Gaylord Design Corporation in 1986. Gaylord Design is responsible for award-winning collectible creations from the top names in the industry. Ho wholeheartedly embraces his work and does the finish sculpting on every item that is handled by his studio. 

After sculpting, Ho's second professional passion is teaching. He enjoys teaching at both Taiwan University and Shanghai University, and has recruited many of the artists employed by Gaylord Design from the ranks of his students. The Master Sculptor feels that his talented team of well-trained professionals is more precious than any of the many awards and honors he has received for his own accomplishments.