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QLink Pendant Benefits

Strengthens your resilience to the effects of stress
Increases your energy and stamina
Reduces the symptoms of fatigue
Reduces the effects of EMF radiation
Relieves the symptoms of jet lag
Enhances mental performance and alertness

What is EMF? Click here for more information.

QLink Pendant Features

SRT resonating cell
Gold-plated tuning board
Copper amplifying coil
Permanent and waterproof
Shipped with a nylon cord
QLink Classic has a lifetime warranty
QLink Silver has a three year warranty

QLink Pendant Description

There is no difference in function between the QLink Classic and the QLink Silvers or Gold. They all carry the same Sympathetic Resonance Technology™, it is merely a matter of preference in terms of style choice. You may want several QLink pendants.

The QLink Classic may become your preferred pendant for sports as it is so light in weight and the QLink Silver may become your preferred pendant for dress. By wearing the QLink Silver with a silver chain you can dress it up even more.


The QLink ClearWaves

QLink ClearWave Benefits

Promotes a more restorative sleep
Relieves the effects of stress from the day
Improves physical resilience to the effects of stress
Neutralizes the effects of EMF in your home or work environment
Increases energy levels
Improves mental alertness during the day

QLink ClearWave Features

Dependant on the ClearWave it will influence from 30 to 50 feet in all directions
All have LED digits with adjustable brightness controls
Easy to see 1.4" high digits
ClearWave 1 & 2 measure 7.5"long, 3.25"deep, 3"high
ClearWave 3 measures 9"long, 3.5"deep, 3.5"high
All are programmed with Sympathetic Resonance Technology™

QLink ClearWave Description

The ClearWaves are engineered in 3 strength levels, adaptable to the size of the space and the number of EMF generating sources.

The QLink Ally

QLink Ally Benefits

Boosts resilience to EMF
Strengthens resistance to stress
Reduces the severity of jet lag
Improves alertness
Improves energy levels
Improves emotional balance

QLink Ally Features

Portable operation - Works in a pocket or on your lap
Influences up to a 40-foot radius in all directions
Measures 4 inches long, 2 inches wide, .75 inches high
Operates up to 10 hours on alkaline batteries
Operates up to 24 hours on rechargeable batteries
Includes AC power cord/recharger and alkaline batteries

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